About Chios
The Pearl of the Aegean

The strategic location of our resort just fifteen minutes’ walk from the town of Chios, offers a plethora of opportunities for visitors to explore this wonderful and unique island. The Pearl Island is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable adventure, surrounded by breath-taking beaches and a rich cultural heritage. Get ready to discover the wonders of the island and make memories that will last a lifetime. Explore the vibrant local culture and savour the delicious traditional cuisine that the area has to offer. With our unbeatable location and access to the island, your stay in Chios will be nothing short of unforgettable.


Chios is the fifth largest Greek island in Greece, floating in the Aegean Sea. With its long-stretching valleys, high mountains for hiking lovers, deep caves for adventurers, and magical gorges carved by fast-flowing rivers, Chios offers a unique destination for every kind of traveller. Fifteen minutes’ walk from the hotel, the town of Chios provides the perfect cosmopolitan vibe. Wander through the most picturesque part of the town and go shopping for local treasures in the narrow, cobbled shopping streets. While exploring the town don’t miss a visit to Nea Moni Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and possible birthplace of Homer. The Temple of Athena is one of the most imposing monuments and can be found on the southernmost point of the island in the village of Emporeios. The Castle of Chios in Chios town is another must-see. It includes ruins and monuments stretching back as far as the Hellenistic times and is one of the few castles that is still inhabited. Do not miss the chance to wonder around the picturesque neighbourhood that still exist within its walls, painting a picture of how medieval life used to be. The village of Pyrgi with its tall stone houses, Byzantine churches and ancient wells is another attraction not to be missed.


Chios boasts a plethora of gorgeous beaches on both its eastern and western coast. Travellers can choose between Chios’s well organised beaches and the island’s undeveloped secluded ones. The secluded Didima beach on the South-western part of the island, with its twin coves, will steal your heart. Trahili beach and bay is a sight so unique you will remember forever. Town Beach is a walking distance from the city centre and offers well organised services. Don’t miss a visit to Agia Markella beach and monastery, accessible at the end of a picturesque path complete with stunning views.


The Chios Mastic Museum is the best place to begin your exploration of Chios’ culture and history. The Byzantine Museum is a must-see if you are interested in the religious history of the island. The Chios Maritime Museum is one of Chios’s hidden gems and includes historical documents and models of ships that demonstrate the nautical history and traditions of Chios. Don’t miss out on the Archaeological Museum with its fascinating collection of historical artefacts, including a handwritten letter by Alexander the Great himself.

Amazing, picturesque villages of Chios

The villages of Chios are famous for their unique architecture and picturesque setting. Become immersed in the world of medieval fortresses rich with history and character.


Pyrgi is a traditional village, among the most beautiful on the island. It is best known for its architecture and its distinguishable black and white wall tiles.


Mesta is a small mountainous village surrounded by olive groves and mastic trees. This is one of the most beautiful villages of Chios, steeped in medieval history and architecture.


Anavatos is a deserted medieval settlement, constructed at the top of a hill. Surrounded by strong fortress walls, visit this village for a spectacular view.


Constructed along the slopes of a hill, Volissos is a beautiful village with rich history. The stone houses and the picturesque paths create a romantic atmosphere.

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